Case example:

Enterprise resource planning system training

An established company, whose main offering comprises an extensive, industry-specific ERP system, uses professional ERP system trainers responsible for delivering full-day training sessions to customer organizations' diverging internal target groups. At times, demand exceeds the capacity of the company's available resources. In addition, customers occasionally have special requirements, for example, a need to have training in a particular language.

Due to changing circumstances, it is in the company's interest to have professional and reliable resources available in its value-network, which can be activated on an on-demand principle, according to the current need. Of utmost importance is that the professionality and expertise of such capabilities are of high level and that these external resources independently and pro-actively maintain the professional edge and competence in changing circumstances.

The company and Magnolia Solutions have established a partnership which enables the company to use Magnolia Solutions as a professional training resource, upon request. Magnolia Solutions takes on the responsibility to keep itself updated and aware of offering and industry-specific changes, which might impact the content of the training program and/or the circumstances of the organization, target group, and individuals who receive the training. 

Magnolia Solutions has successfully delivered many professional training sessions to a number of customer organization's clients. After each training session, Magnolia Solutions has surveyed feedback on the session from the participants, who represent business decision makers, middle-management, personnel in charge of invoicing and economy, as well as personnel working on the field. The absolute majority of the feedback has been very positive.