Case example:

Product and service concept piloting in a customer context

An established company had developed a new product and service concept, which it was looking to commercialize. However, the company saw it lacked real customer feedback about features and qualitative aspects, as well as a more comprehensive understanding of the operational processes as well as business opportunities involved, which were necessary to be tackled before an eventual product launch.

The company needed (a) actual customer feedback on the product, to validate good and bad features and possible quality issues; (b) to test and validate its own managerial and operative capabilities and processes in being able to deliver the offering successfully; and (c) to collect input for offering's business design. 

Firstly, two pilot customers were acquired. Then, in order to secure professional and valuable follow-up processes, documentation, stakeholder communication, as well as high-level customer relationship management, Magnolia Solutions was relied upon to take charge and manage the pilot as a project for a six-month period. Applied methods involved the development of a comprehensive project plan, the definition of and systematic execution of gathering customer feedback and carrying out follow-up processes, professional documentation and reporting for all involved stakeholders in more than one country, throughout the pilot.

Based on the extensive and systematic customer feedback gathered, the company was able to identify the most evident flaws and quality issues. This, in turn, allowed its product development section to carry out the necessary changes, to have the product ready for market launch.

Key takeaways also included the accumulation of insight about the level of resources and operative requirements required for the company to be able to deliver the new service concept.

Furthermore, based on the input from the customer delivery, Magnolia Solutions enabled the gathering of business insights which crystallized the business delivery principles.